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The Prime Minister of India and heads of all political parties

Candidates with criminal cases should not be allowed to contest elections

Petition by Satyamev Jayate
To: The Prime Minister of India and heads of all political parties
Region: India

Background: As far back as 1998, the Election Commission of India had recommended that those charged in court for an offence punishable with imprisonment of five years or more, should be immediately debarred from contesting elections. This recommendation has been reiterated by the Commission over the years as part of its proposals to decriminalize politics. These proposals have not been acted upon by most of the parties in Parliament.

Bringing about electoral reform is critical because our systems of governance depend on the integrity of the legislators we elect. When those elected are themselves charged with heinous crimes, the functioning of a democracy is affected.

Petition: We urge and request that the Parliament considers the Election Commission's recommendation that those charged with crimes punishable with an imprisonment of five years or more, be barred from standing for elections.

This petition will be sent to the Prime Minister of India as well as heads of all political parties. Your signature will help push for this critical reform.


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