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Rebuilding lives

Prajwala begins the construction of a new life-skills centre

What started out in a small vacated brothel in 1996 is now a full-fledged organization where hundreds of survivors of sex trafficking have successfully rebuilt their lives.

With the funds raised through the show, Prajwala has upgraded its life-skills centre from a thatched-roof structure to a cement and concrete building with a generator. The centre will be able to accommodate 250 people at a time in contrast to the 120 earlier. Here, survivors will continue to receive training in fields as diverse as information technology, art and craft, dance, soap making and photo lamination to name a few.

Most overwhelming has been the support Prajwala has received from the common man. Rickshaw pullers and vegetables vendors have contributed; traders have donated dress material and saris; and young IT professionals have generously donated their entire first salary. (Read the inspiring story of how viewer Pulkit Bhatia, after seeing the show, formed a brotherly bond with the sisters at Prajwala here.)

Under Article 21 of the Constitution of India, every citizen has the right to life and liberty, and not merely physical survival. That is, a life of dignity, free of discrimination, violence and slavery. The efforts of Prajwala are a step towards making sure that women and children can be true citizens of this nation.

"The greatest impact of Satyamev Jayate has been worldwide visibility and recognition of not just the organization's efforts but also the cause."

- Sunitha Krishnan, Chief Functionary, Prajwala

About Prajwala

Prajwala is an anti-trafficking organization based in Hyderabad. It works towards the social, economic and psychological rehabilitation of survivors of sex trafficking. The organization provides survivors with basic education and livelihood training. Till date, it has rescued over 9,000 girls and women.

Prajwala also runs 18 centres in Andhra Pradesh for the children of victims of commercial sexual exploitation. Over 7,000 vulnerable children have benefited from its Prevention through Education Programme.

Your Contribution

Rs 1.45 crore (approx.) was raised through Satyamev Jayate's viewers and Reliance Foundation



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