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The road to equality

Amar Jyoti finishes the construction of a new building for its barrier-free school in Gwalior.

The road to equality

Inclusion isn't as difficult as it looks—that's the message Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust has been sending out to parents, teachers and school administrators. Its model of inclusive education, which has been implemented in its schools in Delhi and Gwalior, ensures that students with and without disabilities study together and learn from each other.

With the donations it received, Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust has been able to complete the construction of a new building for its barrier-free school in Gwalior. "The school has shifted to the new building which is more spacious and has different wings for all activities," says Dr Uma Tuli, the NGO's founder. "The building is totally barrier-free and has all the necessary infrastructure for inclusive education, medical and rehabilitative care, and skill development."

"When the challenged are asked to face challenges, an indomitable spirit takes over. As a child I was inspired by Florence Nightingale and wanted to be a doctor and an administrator. Today, I am both. I dream of an India where people with disabilities will be on the same platform as the non-disabled."

- Uma Tuli, Founder and Managing Secretary, Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust

About Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust

Founded in 1981, Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust in Delhi and Gwalior is dedicated to 'mainstreaming' persons with disabilities. It does this through inclusive education, vocational training for self-employment, community-based rehabilitation, barrier-free environments and medical assistance.


Tel:+91 11 2237 5205 / 4686 6200





Rs 2.56 crore (approx.) was raised from Satyamev Jayate's viewers and Reliance Foundation

Such a long journey

Rajinder Johar's dream of building a centre for the disabled has come true

Such a long journey

Rajinder Johar has been making the voice of the disabled heard for over two decades. In 1986, he was shot in the chest and the spine during an attempted robbery in his house, which left him paralyzed for life. After battling depression for six years, Johar started a biannual magazine featuring unheard stories from the disabled in India. But the need to do something more goaded him on and he started the Family of Disabled.

One of the long-cherished projects of the organization was to build a multipurpose centre for the disabled. Johar had spent all the organization's resources on buying land for the centre, but it was yet to be built. Then came the donations from the viewers of the show, which filled in the necessary gap. Family of Disabled was finally able to begin the construction of the building in Najafgarh, Delhi. At the centre, Johar plans to provide vocational training to the disabled on topics such as computers, cooking, tailoring and cutting, among others.

"We assure our donors that each and every penny given by them shall be judiciously utilized to better the lives of persons with disabilities."

- Rajinder Johar, Founder, Chief Coordinator and Managing Trustee, Family of Disabled

About Family of Disabled

Family of Disabled has been working for the betterment of persons with disabilities since 1992. It offers services like self-employment under Apna Rozgaar Scheme, sponsorship of the education of disabled students, distribution of aids for the disabled, and promotion of disabled artists and artisans. It works with persons with all kinds of disabilities, but the majority of entrepreneurs under ARS are physically disabled, hearing impaired, visually impaired and leprosy-cured people.


Tel:+91 11 2559 7328 / 4157 0140





Rs 1.77 crore (approx.) was raised through Satyamev Jayate's viewers and Reliance Foundation



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