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  • Painting a protest

    Painting a protest

    Madhubani artist Rani Jha dwells on women's emancipation through her art

  • Seeing differently

    Seeing differently

    Nisha Lobo's story has helped change mindsets, says her mother

  • For poorest of the poor

    For poorest of the poor

    Humanity Hospital in the Sunderbans ensures that medical services it offers are available to the poorest of the poor

  • Healthcare for the poor

    Humanity Hospital in West Bengal ensures that no one is denied access to medical services

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    For poorest of the poor
  • Soldier of justice

    Police officer Satheesh Balan fights caste violence from within the system

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    Soldier of justice
  • Women of substance

    They rose together to fight a system that oppressed them. These women have an inspiring story to tell.

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    Women of substance
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